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Varanasi Behind – Day Tours offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the most holiest cities in the world.

In our team we have four very well trained and dedicated guides who will give you a lot of explanations to all of the life situations in the city. Dip in this unforgettable world rich of energy, calmness, sensuousness and uniqueness.


Our team  


I was born and raised in Varanasi. Since childhood I have loved exploring the labyrinth of the alleyways of the old city. I started to learn French at Alliance Française in Pondicherry in the south of India. I have worked as a professional guide for 9 years and I have completed the governmental training for guides. I am really looking  forward to meeting you and  showing you my favourite places of my city.

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About Varanasi

  • The ‘holy city of light’ is shining physically as well as metaphorically very bright. According to Hindu belief, one dip in the Ganges will free one from all the sins.
  • The legend says that god Shiva built Varanasi. He chose the city as one of his favourite abodes. In one of the verses of religious literature, the skanda purana, Shiva says: “The three worlds are forming my city and kaat is my royal palace within it.”
  • Nowhere else in the visibility the inevitable circle of life and death is that much visible and possible to experience as here: it is also famous for the maha smashana or the big burning ghat.
  • A boat ride on the river Ganges is perfect to experience and learn about the spirit of Varanasi. Uncountable candle lights and paper boats with flowers transmit the prayers of the believers to the gods. Many pilgrims from all over India take a bath in the Ganges or meditate along the ghats. During sunset, the famous Aarti begins. It is a ceremony for mother Ganga (Ganges).